Who needs a visa to enter Mongolia?

All nationals of New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific nations and most other countries require a visa to visit Mongolia. A list of exemptions can be found here

What are the different types of visas and who are they for?​

Most people visiting Mongolia will need a transit or a tourist visa:

  • Transit visas are for people spending five days or less travelling through Mongolia, arriving from one country (eg China) and then leaving to another (eg Russia). You must not work or do business in Mongolia

  • Tourist visas are for people spending up to 30 days in Mongolia who know they will not be doing business or working in Mongolia

  • Business visas are for people doing one or more business trips of up to 30 days each time. Please contact us to discuss obtaining a business visa. 

If you think you may need another type of visa, such as a work or diplomatic visa, please email ​​

Can I get a transit visa if I am just going to Mongolia for a few days from Japan, Korea or China?

Not unless you will be going on to a third country. For example, we could issue a transit visa for a tourist with an air-ticket from Tokyo to Ulaanbaatar to Seoul. But someone travelling from Tokyo to Ulaanbaatar to Tokyo would need a tourist visa.


What are the visa application fees?

For transit and tourist visas, these can be found here and on page two of the Visa Checklist and Application Form. 

Please email for information on business, diplomatic and other visa fees​​

How do I pay the visa application fees?

Visa application fees must be paid before a visa can be processed. 

Please pay the fees prior to sending us your Application Form, additional information and passport.

The bank account details can be found on can be found on page two of the Visa Checklist and Application Form in Visa Applications. 

You must include your surname and passport number as the particulars and reference.​

​How long before my intended travel date should I apply for a visa?

We recommend you submit your application no more than three months prior to your desired departure date. This will provide for unexpected surges in the number of applicants or other unplanned delays in the process.  Processing time DOES NOT include the time required for additional administrative processing or special requirements. In such cases, processing wait time will vary based on the individual circumstances of each application. A same-day service is available for an additional fee. 

How long can I stay in Mongolia?

Only for the maximum duration of your stay specified in the top right hand side of your issued visa. For tourists and businesspeople it is usually 30 days. 


When will my visa expire?

The visa expiration date is printed on the visa itself.  It is important to note that the visa expiration date is the last date you may enter Mongolia. It SHOULD NOT be confused with the period of time you are allowed to remain Mongolia. The date of expiry is specified in the top left hand side of your issued visa.

Can I deliver my visa application in person?

We prefer applications by courier to our post office box. This is cleared twice daily. Should you wish to deliver your application in person, please email and we will seek to arrange a suitable time.  You will also then need to make another appointment to collect your visa. Most people courier it to our post office box and we return by your tracked self-addressed envelope


​How long does it take for my visa to be issued?

For most applications, the process should take no more than one week. A same-day (or overnight) service is available for an additional fee.  See the Fee schedule for more information

This is an emergency and I have to get my visa immediately. What can I do?

Email or telephone +64 21 766031 and we will try to assist. Please note, an emergency fee of NZ$100 will apply.​​

I am not a New Zealand, Australian or South Pacific citizen. Can I apply for a visa through Auckland?

Yes, although in some cases processing times may be a little longer than for New Zealand, Australian or South Pacific citizens.

If I am issued a visa, when can I pick it up?

​We prefer to courier your passport and visa back to you. Should you need to pick up your passport and visa in person, please email prior to making your application.

Can I take a motor vehicle into Mongolia?

Yes, although you may need to pay import duties if you then sell or leave the vehicle in Mongolia. There are no charges if you enter and leave Mongolia in the same vehicle.


Does my infant or young child need a visa to travel to the Mongolia and pay the visa fee?

Yes, there needs to be an application form and fee paid for everyone, regardless of age.

Do the New Zealand children of Mongolian citizens need a visa to enter Mongolia.

Yes, but the charge is only NZ$15 for the one-week service (or NZ$115 for the same-day service). Please provide evidence of the relationship, including:

1)    a copy of the child’s birth certificate naming the parent, and

2)    a copy of the personal information page of the parent’s Mongolian passport


​My passport will expire soon. Can I still apply for a visa?

Your passport must be valid for six months beyond the intended period of stay in Mongolia. It should have at least two blank pages.

Can someone else fill out the visa application forms of my behalf? 

If you require assistance completing the application it is acceptable to have someone complete the forms on your behalf. If someone else prepares the application for you, please note  that you alone are responsible for verifying that the information on your application is accurate. Incorrect information can delay processing and even lead to a refusal.

How do you decide whether or not to issue a visa? 

Decisions are based on the Mongolian laws and regulations.

My visa application was denied.  Can I reapply? 

If an applicant’s visa is refused, applicants can reapply when they believe they have the evidence to demonstrate their eligibility for a visa.  There is no waiting period; however, applicants should carefully consider whether their new evidence demonstrates their eligibility for a visa, particularly if the applicant is applying a short time after they were previously refused.  Those persons reapplying will need to submit a new visa application, with any necessary supporting documents, and pay the visa application processing fee.

​What should I do if I lost my passport with a valid visa? 

You should report the lost passport to your issuing agency and/or police.  After getting a police report, you should immediately notify the Consulate by email to with the subject line “LOST PASSPORT”. Your lost visa cannot be replaced, so you need to re-apply to get a new visa.

Can I take a horse or other animal into Mongolia?

Yes, but please give us plenty of warning to make arrangements with the authorities in Ulaanbaatar. Please email to in the first instance.